Features   1. Small size and excellent performances 2. Low passband insertion loss and high rejection 3. SSS, cavity, LC, helical structures are avaliable according to different applications 4. Custom Duplexer, Triplexer, Quadruplexer, Multiplexer and Combiner are avaliable

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Cavity duplexers are three port devices used in Tranceivers (transmitter and receiver) to separate the Transmitter frequency band from the receiver frequency band. They share a common antenna while working simultaneously at different frequencies. A duplexer is basically a high and a low pass filter connected to an antenna.


1. TRS, GSM, Cellular, DCS, PCS, UMTS 2. WiMAX, LTE System, 5G Wireless Communications 3. Broadcasting, Satellite System 4. Point to Point & Multipoint
Part  Number  Low Band Start Low Band Insertion Loss Low band Stop Isolation High Band Start High Band Insertion High Band Stop VSWR
CDU00454M00464A01 451MHz 1.30dB 457MHz 30dB 460MHz 1.30dB 468MHz 1.3
CDU00408M00417A01 406MHz 1.30dB 411MHz 55dB 415MHz 1.30dB 420MHz 1.3
CDU00701M00729N01 698MHz 2.10dB 704MHz 100dB 728MHz 2.10dB 734MHz 1.3
CDU00707M00737N01 704MHz 2.10dB 710MHz 100dB 734MHz 2.10dB 740MHz 1.3
CDU00713M00743N01 710MHz 2.10dB 716MHz 100dB 740MHz 2.10dB 746MHz 1.3
CDU00751M00781N01 746MHz 0.50dB 757MHz 85dB 776MHz 0.50dB 787MHz 1.3
CDU00815M00860N01 806MHz 0.70dB 824MHz 95dB 851MHz 0.70dB 869MHz 1.3
CDU00836M00881N01 824MHz 1.00dB 849MHz 70dB 869MHz 1.00dB 894MHz 1.3
CDU00907M00947N01 889MHz 1.20dB 925MHz 70dB 934MHz 1.20dB 960MHz 1.3
CDU01747M01842N01 1710MHz 1.50dB 1775MHz 70dB 1805MHz 1.50dB 1880MHz 1.3
CDU01880M01960N01 1850MHz 1.50dB 1910MHz 70dB 1930MHz 1.50dB 1990MHz 1.3
CDU01950M02140N01 1920MHz 1.00dB 1980MHz 90dB 2110MHz 1.00dB 2170MHz 1.3
CDU02450M05500N01 2400MHz 0.50dB 2500MHz 80dB 5000MHz 0.50dB 6000MHz 1.3
CDU04390M04720A01 4360MHz 2.00dB 4420MHz 60dB 4690MHz 2.00dB 4750MHz 1.3
CDU05185M05315A01 5150MHz 2.00dB 5220MHz 65dB 5280MHz 1.30dB 5350MHz 1.4
CDU05745M05805A01 5725MHz 2.50dB 5765MHz 55dB 5785MHz 2.50dB 5825MHz 1.3
CDU06893M06957A01 6875MHz 2.50dB 6911MHz 60dB 6939MHz 2.50dB 6975MHz 1.3
CDU07256M07357A01 7226MHz 2.50dB 7286MHz 60dB 7327MHz 2.50dB 7387MHz 1.3
CDU07224M07661W01 7124MHz 1.00dB 7324MHz 90dB 7561MHz 1.00dB 7761MHz 1.3
CDU09142M09420W01 9120MHz 1.00dB 9140MHz 50dB 9400MHz 1.00dB 9440MHz 1.3
CDU10262M10537N01 10150MHz 2.50dB 10375MHz 60dB 10425MHz 2.50dB 10650MHz 1.3
CDU10827M11322NA1 10700MHz 1.50dB 10955MHz 65dB 11200MHz 1.50dB 11445MHz 1.5
CDU11070M11570NA1 11940MHz 1.50dB 11200MHz 65dB 11440MHz 1.50dB 11700MHz 1.5
CDU14660M15250A01 14400MHz 3.50dB 14920MHz 50dB 15150MHz 3.50dB 15350MHz 1.8
CDU15445M15988A01 15320MHz 1.50dB 15570MHz 80dB 15921MHz 1.50dB 16056MHz 1.3
Concept offers the highest quality RF and Microwave Custom Duplexer, Triplexer, Quadruplexer, Multiplexer and Combiner for commercial and military applications. Also , Custom Low PIM components are avaliable for your option.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us any time at sales@concept-mw.com.  

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