Microwave and Millimete Waveguide Filters


  1. Bandwidths 0.1 to 10% 2. Extremely Low Insertion Loss 3. Custom Design for Customer Specific Requirements 4. Avaliable in Bandpass , Lowpass , Highpass , Band-stop and Diplexer   Waveguide filter is an electronic filter constructed with waveguide technology. Filters are devices used to allow signals at some frequencies to pass (the passband), while others are rejected (the stopband). Waveguide filters are most useful in the microwave band of frequencies, where they are a convenient size and have low loss. Examples of microwave filter use are found in satellite communications, telephone networks, and television broadcasting.

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Application of W.G Filters

1. E-band backhaul radio links 2. Radar systems 3. Test system instrumentation labs and production facilities 4. Point to Point and Point to Multipoint Wireless Link Waveguide Components are used in the electronics industry for satellites, radar, and many types of communications applicationsVarious Waveguide Components From 1.2 GHz to 67GHz, WR430 to WR10 from Narrow band to Multi-Octave
Waveuigde Bandpass
Part Number Passband Reject Band Rejection I.L VSWR Flange W.G
CBF03820M03860WG 3.82-3.86GHz 3.79&3.89GHz 35dB 1.50dB 1.5 FDP40 BJ40
CBF09000M09500WG 9.00-9.50GHz 8.50&10.00GHz 45dB 0.60dB 1.3 FBP100 BJ100
CBF09150M09650WG 9.15-9.65GHz 8.65&10.15GHz 40dB 0.60dB 1.3 FBP100 BJ100
CBF10090M10680WG 10.09-10.68GHz 9.60&11.70GHz 80dB 1.20dB 1.5 FBP120 BJ120
CBF10565M11650WG 10.565-11.655GHz 9.60&12.8GHz 80dB 1.20dB 1.5 FBP120 BJ120
CBF12400M18000WG 12.40-18.00GHz 11.16&24.8GHz 40dB 1.00dB 1.8 FBP220 BJ220
CBF25500M27000WG 25.50-27.00GHz 23.50&29.0GHz 40dB 0.6dB 1.2 FBP140 BJ140
CBF28600M29800WG 28.60-29.80GHz 26.95&31.45GHz 65dB 1.0dB 1.4 FBP320 BJ320
CBF30000M31000WG 30.00-31.00GHz 29.05&31.95GHz 50dB 1.20dB 1.5 FBP320 BJ320
CBF34000M36000WG 34.00-36.00GHz 32.5&37.5GHz 55dB 0.60dB 1.8 FBP320 BJ320
Waveguide Lowpass
Part Number Passband Reject Band Rejection I.L VSWR Flange W.G
CLF02600M03950WG 2.60 - 3.95GHz 5.2-10GHz 40dB 0.5dB 1.5 FDP32 WR284
CLF03300M04900WG 3.30 - 4.90GHz 6.6-12.5GHz 40dB 0.5dB 1.5 FDP40 WR229
CLF03950M05850WG 3.95 - 5.85GHz 7.9-14.5GHz 40dB 0.5dB 1.5 FDP48 WR187
CLF04900M07000WG 4.90 - 7.0GHz 9.8-17.5GHz 40dB 0.5dB 1.5 FDP58 WR159
CLF05850M08200WG 5.85 - 8.20GHz 11.70 - 20.0GHz 40dB 0.5dB 1.5 FDP70 WR137
CLF07050M10000WG 7.05 - 10.00GHz 14.10 - 25.0GHz 40dB 0.5dB 1.5 FBP84 WR112
CLF08200M12400WG 8.20 - 12.40GHz 16.40 - 31.0GHz 40dB 0.5dB 1.5 FBP100 WR90
CLF10000M12500WG 10.00 - 12.50GHz 14.0-25.5GHz 35dB 0.5dB 1.4 FBP120 WR75
CLF12400M18000WG 12.40 - 18.00GHz 24.80 - 46.50 40dB 0.8dB 1.5 FBP140 WR62
Waveguide Highpass        
Part Number Passband Reject Band Rejection I.L VSWR Flange W.G
CHF02600M03950WG 2.60 - 3.95GHz 2.30GHz 50dB 0.5dB 1.5 FDP32 WR284
CHF03300M04900WG 3.30 - 4.90GHz 2.90GHz 50dB 0.5dB 1.5 FDP40 WR229
CHF03950M05850WG 3.95 - 5.85GHz 3.50GHz 50dB 0.5dB 1.5 FDP48 WR187
CHF04900M07000WG 4.90 - 7.00GHz 4.40GHz 50dB 0.5dB 1.5 FDP58 WR159
CHF05850M08200WG 5.85 - 8.20GHz 5.20GHz 50dB 0.5dB 1.5 FDP70 WR137
CHF07050M10000WG 7.05 - 10.00GHz 6.30GHz 50dB 0.5dB 1.5 FBP84 R112
CHF08200M12400WG 8.20 - 12.40GHz 7.30GHz 45dB 0.5dB 1.5 FBP100 WR90
CHF10000M15000WG 10.00 - 15.00GHz 9.00GHz 45dB 0.5dB 1.5 FBP120 WR75
CHF12400M18000WG 12.40 - 18.00GHz 11.10GHz 45dB 0.8dB 1.5 FBP140 WR62
CHF15000M22000WG 15.00 - 22.00GHz 13.50GHz 45dB 0.8dB 1.5 FBP180 WR51
CHF18000M26500WG 18.00 - 26.50GHz 16.30GHz 45dB 1.0dB 1.5 FBP220 WR42
CHF22000M33000WG 22.00 - 33.00GHz 19.70GHz 45dB 1.0dB 1.5 FBP260 WR34
CHF26500M40000WG 26.50 - 40.00GHz 23.80GHz 45dB 1.0dB 1.5 FBP320 WR28
Waveguides have a crucial role to play in any microwave. Therefore, it becomes essential to check and select the waveguide that offers optimum performance and abides by safety standards. We can cross reference to virtually any competitor, usually with better performance.

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